20 Objects from the 3D Printing Revolution

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(3-D) Print’s Not Dead | 20 Objects From the Revolution

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

By Joel Hoglund

We make a magazine for a living, so we're always a little peeved when we hear people say "print is dead." Not only is it not dead, it seems "print" is taking on a whole new meaning. This summer we hyped the first 3-D printed bikini, and the concept of "additive manufacturing," or 3-D Printing, has been exploding in the design world as the technology becomes more and more affordable for personal use. Now, we're not going to try to explain how this all works—we're writers after all, not scientists—so we're just going to whet your appetite for the day when creatives will be able to keep one of these dream machines on the counter next to the microwave. 

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