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4 Olive Oils | Packing Design

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

 By John Dugan

When a kitchen staple that is nearly as old as civilization itself gets repackaged for the foodie generation, the results are sure to catch some eyes. Today, we're highlighting recent olive oli packaging from Greece and Croatia.

Location: Brač, Croatia
Product: Brachia has launched several lines of olive oils in recent years, but we especially love the exclusive line of hand-made olive oils, as well as the trio of aromatized oils in mini bottles.
Designer: Tridvajedan, Zagreb, Croatia tridvajedan.hr
Design: The ceramic bottle and the tag shape resembles an olive fruit with a leaf, and the metal funnel replaces the wooden cap for easier pouring. 
The Verdict:  Brachia appears authentic without looking too boring, and we’re sure we could reuse the sleek bottle once it is empty. Available in Croatian gourmet shops or via e-mail brachia.hr

Location:  Ilia, Greece
Product:  New brand Eléia 
produces this coldpressed extra virgin oil using Koroneiki olives from 40,000 trees in the Lechaina Plains of Greece 
Designer: Bob Studio, Greece, bobstudio.gr
Design:  The 1/2 liter glass bottle is bold but unpretentious, while the full liter tin has a masculine yet modern look. Both feature a whitewashed lower region that conjures up memories of scenic Greek Island architecture. 
The Verdict:  Americans can actually buy this one: Eléia is available for $32 and $45, respectively, at Dean & Deluca, which is nice because it wins our “most likely to actually be used” award.

Location:  Athens, Greece
Product: Made from Koroneiki olives from Kritsa, Greece, a signed, numbered, bespoke bottle of Lambda in a niangon wood case retails for $11,000. 
Designer: Speiron
Design: The minimalist type design complements the angular shape, while the clear bottle emphasizes the oil’s natural color. The personalized box pulls together the modern, luxurious aesthetic.
The Verdict:  Although we love the clean, crisp design, the mark-up for the bespoke version seems extreme. Go for the 500ml size, which will just set you back a mere £50.00 at Harrod's in London.

Location: Dalmatia, Croatia
Product: A cement company turned its former quarry into olive groves, which now produce this high-end olive oil.
Designer: Tridvajedan, Zagreb, Croatia tridvajedan.hr
Design: The bottle design gives off visions of antiquity and timelessness, expressed using modern colors.The handsome box plays up the unusual pale green color and stylized pouring type.
The Verdict: The Lintar design has won piles of awards, but we can’t help but wonder if the funnel shaped bottle is an inefficient use of space? Currently, Lintar is only a promo item for Cemex.


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