Nissan Zero Petrol gas pumps by James Dive

40 Pumps, No Gas

Monday, June 4th, 2012

By Delia Cai

One day, instead of sweating over the whole gas prices and fuel efficiency thing, we’ll all have uber-sustainable cars. Then our biggest crisis just might be figuring out what to do with all the useless gas pumps lying around. Nissan Australia is already thinking ahead—to celebrate the launch of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, the company enlisted Australian artist James Dive to re-envision nearly 40 gas pumps for the future.

The resulting exhibit, A World Without Petrol,’ showcased these pumps in Sydney and Melbourne for spectators to enjoy. The upcycled pumps range from the functional (including a fridge, amplifier, coffeemaker, and bean lattice pumps) to the ludicrous (Zoltar booth, Velcro target) to, well, kind of both (pie warmer or Slurpy machine, anyone?).

Can’t wait for your own keyboard gas pump or a haircut at the barber bowser?  Nissan’s giving away one of Dive’s creations at the Zero Petrol website, where you can check out more photos from the exhibit and cross your fingers for the future to arrive a little sooner.

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