7. The Nolitan | Seven Best New Design Hotels in America

7. The Nolitan | The Seven Best New Design Hotels in America

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The Nolita area of New York isn’t as much of a destination for out-of-towners as, say, Times Square is. But those willing to make the journey can now rest their heads at The Nolitan, a new architecture-and-design savvy hotel in the neighborhood. Designed by DB cover boy Matthew Grzywinski and partner Amador Pons, the exterior of the hotel is wrapped in a jigsaw puzzle-like façade, while the interior is decked out in a mix of laid back, yet luxurious furnishings. Don’t forget to scope out the 2,400-square foot rooftop; it’ll make you glad you skipped the hubbub of Midtown for life in the ’hood.

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