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All images courtesy of Art Gray via MLK Studio

A Different Kind of Fabulous

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Interior designer Meg Joannides prefers projects in which all designers—contractors, architects, and interiors experts—are involved with a home’s development from the very first drawn plan. This was the case at a Brentwood, CA home she recently finished, and its thoughtful details and graceful cohesion certainly speak for themselves. “Spatially, the architect did an amazing job laying out the plan,” Joannides says. “So, all the materials I chose flow with the building itself.” Working with a pared-down number of stones, woods, and fabrics lends the home its clean look, and Joannides avoided visual sterility by playing with texture and placement instead. “Different cuts of Turkish limestone add interest to the master bath,” the designer points out. “And in the dining room, the dark and light highlights in the 13 ½-foot Paldao table accent the space’s linearity.” Joannides even strategically chose the art to complement the home’s elegant flow, placing large pieces on large walls to give each room a particular type of vibe.

From start to finish, it took three years to complete the Brentwood home, but Joannides still classifies it as a “once in a lifetime” project. “At the Brentwood home, all the elements really gelled together and everyone was happy,” she says. “It sounds corny and cheesy, but the letters you get thanking you after people move in are the best. Good design brings joy, and making people happy is very gratifying.”