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The new home has good old bones. It’s partially comprised of beams from an old Chicago warehouse, and its hardwood floors are antique reclaimed white oak. Chick “fell in love” with CalStar Products’ stone paving, which appears in more than 15 of his custom homes. “They exude an authenticity, and that’s a theme all our houses embrace.” CalStar doesn’t just provide Chick’s ideal old-and-worn look; their product is environmentally conscious, too. Their masonry “saves up to 81 percent of the energy and 84 percent of the CO2 emissions associated with standard manufacturing,” says Karen Righthand of CalStar. That’s a win-win situation for both sides.

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A Florida Cottage With a Vintage Twist

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

By Kate Chiu

The Burt Residence injects a dose of classic high fashion into Florida’s cheery, cracker-cottage vernacular. “I added dramatic theatricality so that when guests arrive, they’re turned on,” says architect Geoff Chick of the home’s design. “We try to use materials in ways you wouldn’t expect, while still exuding authenticity,” he says. A side porch based on timber frame barn construction makes the home’s exterior a bit more exotic, while a flowing interior floor plan showcases the space’s skeleton. And recycled objects, including an old surveyor’s tripod reimagined as a lamp base, hint at the past without sacrificing sophistication. By blending old and new, vernacular and modern, the home plays well with its neighbors but is in a league of its own.

Project: The Burt Residence / Location: Watercolor, FL / Architect: Geoff Chick, principal of Geoff Chick & Associates
Builder: Daniel Cole / Interior Design: Hadley Schneider / Photos: Courtesy of Geoff Chick



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