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A New Acapulco Chair

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

By John Dugan
Photos by ©Noemi Jariod for thecommonproject 

The classic '50s Acapulco Chair is an anonymous design that supposedly originated near the “La Quebrada” divers cliff in the Acapulco, Mexico area. The glam set from Hollywood (Sinatra, Marilyn, Jackie O) grew acquainted with it on their frolicsome outings. For the following five decades, it could be found just about anywhere warm and fun-loving in the States. The chair was made by several artisanal workshops in Mexico, before vanishing from the showrooms. Now, thecommonproject (a design initiative based in Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City) has issued their own, "improved" version of the classic as well as a rocking chair version and kid's sizes of both of the two. The chair features Electrostatic powder-coated steel frame and recycled UV filtered PVC woven cord shell, which makes it well-suited to indoor/outdoor lifestyles.




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