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A Texas Design Firm Hits With Warstic Baseball Bats

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

By John F. Rizor

Born in a Dallas loft office from a desire to “make things while making a living,” ONEFASTBUFFALO is a design agency that specializes in brand manufacturing. With a client list that includes the likes of Peterbilt Motors, American Airlines, Big Red, T-Mobile Paccar, Brinker International, Haggar, and Dr. Pepper (to name a few), OFB has experienced a level of success atypical of a startup design agency. However, they felt a need to go further… and go further they did.

After nearly 15 years of brand manufacturing and countless client projects, OFB founder Ben Jenkins found himself seeking additional challenges beyond his day-to-day operations. Despite the personal satisfaction associated with the delivery of successful client projects, there are obvious limitations to the design process; by establishing oneself with an ownership stake, creative freedom is restored.

These projects began as experiments in which OFB could “inject” design into otherwise lackluster products. After experiencing a great deal of success in this ownership model, Ben jumped feet first into the flames with successful ventures in a variety of disparate industries including spirits, snowboards, and apparel. These companies are trim, efficient, and forever devoted to design.

One particularly lucrative example of Jenkins’ foray from brand manufacturing into the arena of brand ownership is Warstic, an independent company committed to the production of unique wood baseball bats. Headquartered in Texas, Warstic bats are forged from American White Ash or Sugar Maple wood stock.

“Frankly, there are very few secrets to making a great wood baseball bat,” says Jenkins. “It's about sourcing, selecting, and mostly paying for the best wood; dedication to craftsmanship; attention to detail; and knowing how to achieve the right feel when it comes to design.”

This approach is what distinguishes this serial entrepreneur from his competitors; rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Jenkins recognizes an opportunity to build upon an existing product and implements his branding acumen to create a market need.

To make matters better… in addition to creating a superior product with gorgeous graphic treatments, consumers can also take comfort in the fact that these beautiful boomsticks are produced entirely in the United States with a portion of the proceeds supporting U.S. military veterans.

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