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A Very Brady Remodel

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

By Katie Mendelson

If you find yourself unknowingly humming the infectious TV tune about a lovely lady while viewing this home, no, you’re not going crazy. Though this 1960s house recalls that of a man named Brady, it’s actually owned by a family named Jones, and was in desperate need of a new look. The homeowners enlisted neighbor Mark Silva of San Diego architecture firm Silva Studios to helm the renovation.

“They knew my sensitivity to mid-century modern post-and-beam design,” Silva says, “and thought I would be able to reinvent their home to fit a modern lifestyle while
honoring the original architecture.” Save for its vaulted ceiling beams—a trademark of the original architect, William Krisel—the house needed to be nearly gutted. “The idea was to update the home with new technologies, finishes, fixtures, and, most importantly, the lifestyle changes that have occurred from 1960 to 2011,” Silva says. Mission accomplished. Now, how long until AstroTurf comes back into style?

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