Andrew Bruntel, Director | Inspiration = Mystery

Andrew Bruntel, Filmmaker & Director | Inspiration = Mystery

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

For Design Bureau's second anniversary issue, we asked eight guest editors a question: What inspires you? In September and October, we’re posting the words and images that demonstrate each of these guest ed's creative passions. Today, we’re featuring filmmaker Andrew Bruntel

Interview by Jennifer Hamblett
Portrait by Bryan Sheffield
Images selected by Andrew Bruntel 

Andrew Bruntel's past work includes music videos for artists such as Liars, Bodies of Water, No Age, and Modest Mouse, among others.

Everything I like has a certain sense of mystery to it. I could be walking along the street and find some sort of note or photo and then explore the story behind that. 

I want something that will allow my brain to be invigorated rather than being completely shut off. 

Locations are a big influence for me. It can change your whole idea and how you envisioned your approach. I’m such a visual person that I don’t feel like something is really real or done until I see it.

I don’t think good design is taught. I think it’s something that you either intrinsically do or you don’t. 

Coming from an art background, where my projects were just for me, I think I just have more of myself in a project. You throw yourself into it, and as you work, it becomes more and more a part of you. But at the end of it, you don’t always have the final say, so it can be emotionally draining.

I’m most excited at that point when you know you are about to solve a problem, the point if I am writing a treatment for a song when you just crack it, almost like solving the mystery that I set out with.

There is always more mystery with photos—you can read more into it than with film. There is less said, more to be inferred. I find it invigorating.  

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