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Andy Gilmore-ize Your Gadgets

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

You might remember Andy Gilmore from Chromatic, the latest book from our sister publication, ALARM. As one of the featured artists, his hyper-colorful works stretched out across a 12-page spread. Now, you can have your own pocket-sized Gilmore masterpiece to carry around at all times.

Gilmore teamed up with GelaSkins to release his own line of gadget embellishments. Whether your weapon of choice is the iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle, or just about anything else, you can sheath it in one of Gimore's pixelated, rainbow-hued covers. If you're in the market for holiday gifts, these might be right up your alley — if you're into cheap, useful, gorgeous things, that is.

Speaking with writer Katie Fanuko for Chromatic, Gilmore says, "As the computer became a part of my life, color just kind of became this intuitive thing. I create an environment on the page and the screen that is, in a Gestalt-like sense, kind of suggesting, creating forms that mean things to me."

From brain to screen to print and back to screen, Gilmore's work is injecting a bit of razzle-dazzle into the digital world.

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