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Your Apartment—Cubed

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Photos by Rob Lewis,

By Sam Willett 

Moving to a big city can come with struggles, whether it involves stuffing all your belongings into tight spaces or finding a moving crew to hoist everything up several flights of stairs. When Till Könneker relocated to Bern, Switzerland, he experienced these issues, but his main concerns lied in the organization of his new bachelor loft. Using his education in classical graphic design and mantra of "freedom without boundaries," he blueprinted his first furniture concept–The Living Cube–and aimed to halt desperate, space-saving household sacrifices like using your oven as a shoe rack or bathroom as a personal office.

A sleek organizer that compresses almost 10 pieces of furniture into one effective design, The Living Cube offers shelving for a flat-screen TV, your favorite collection (for Könneker, his records), clothing, and shoes. Consumers can save additional space by ditching their bed frame and nightstand and sleeping atop the cube. Depending on the model, it can also be expanded with an interior "new room" able to take on numerous forms, such as dark room, children's playroom, or additional storage space.

According to Könnneker, the best consumers for his product are those who reflect his initial struggles and imaginations. "People who like timeless and functional design," he says. "People who want to bring structure to big rooms or functionality and efficiency to small ones. People who want to create more with less."

Yet despite the seemingly big potential for his product in tightly packed urban areas, its burgeoning popularity came as a shock to Könneker. “I never had the intention to build more cubes than mine— never an intention to build a business out of this,” he says.“My cube solved a personal need, so I thought that was it.” Now, he and a small team have expanded his prototype into a full-fledged furniture line, spanning numerous feature variations and sizes.

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