Aqua Creations - Design Bureau

Rotini light designed by Ayala Serfaty

Juno chair designed by Ayala Serfaty

Tokonoma Collection lamps

Baby Gladis chairs

Molecule table lamp

Rapa chair designed by Ayala Serfaty

Peter Paul says:

It still amazes me when walking in to a Aqua Gallery Showroom

Aqua Creations

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Launched in 1994, Aqua Creations started designing green lamps and furniture way before sustainability was cool.

This year’s collection only advances Aqua’s commitment to handcraft and advanced electrical technology. Its Gladis and Juno chairs are hand-stitched to cut down on industrial waste, while LED lights on digital timers ensure that their Molecule and Rotini lamps minimize energy consumption.

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