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I love and admire the philanthropy and community outreach Chris is trying to accomplish with his organization and work. Trying to showcase new artists and interact this way with the community is briiliant and allows the public to see his appreciation of others’ work. Very sweet.

Archeworks Lecture Series

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Archeworks 2010/11 lecture series continues tomorrow, November 30 with "Empathy, Storytelling, & Prototyping: 3 stories + 1 conversation." Presenting the storytelling portion of the event is none other than Design Bureau's editor-in-chief Chris Force.

Join Archeworks at 6pm for an evening of insightful storytelling, and a glimpse into the working methods of three Chicago-based designers.

Each speaker will share a brief story from their professional practice on the given theme. Following the stories, Archeworks will moderate a discussion with our speakers and the audience.

on Empathy, Adam Goss
Spirit of Space
Adam and his business partner Mike began to collaborate as they were both intrigued with using film as a tool to communicate design process. Their goal is to bring an increased awareness of the designed built environment and the value of design to the architectural profession and the wider public audience. Spirit of Space attempts to reveal the exchange of activities and emotions withing a space. It is an investigation into what a space provides and means to its users.

on Storytelling, Chris Force,
Design BureauALARM Press
Chris, a 15-year veteran of publishing, began ALARM Press to create a music and art magazine that featured bands, artists, and genres that weren't usually covered in glossy newsstand magazines but were just as inspirational. In Fall 2010, he launched the Chicago-based print magazine Design Bureau. Delivering an honest and inspirational global dialogue on design, the international print publication gathers a like-minded community of design enthusiasts across the world with one common idea: discovering great design and the people who make it.

on Prototyping, Martin Thaler,
IIT Institute of Design
Martin, a visiting Associate Professor at ID, is keenly interested in the fundamentals of design. Martin is committed to providing students with real world opportunities in hospitals, schools, businesses, and other institutions from which they can experience how design can make a difference in people's lives. As co-founder of Design Logic and design lead for multidisciplinary teams at IDEO's Chicago office, Martin's work for clients including Motorola, Lilly, Steelcase, Baxter, DaimlerChrysler, Gateway, McDonald's, and Nanosphere has resulted in designs that successfully blend user, technology, and business needs.

This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited.

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