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Art Director Picks: Leather

Art Director Picks: Leather

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The classic material, popularized by perennial style basics, has become a second skin for everyone from fashionistas to farmers. It’s not surprising, then, that leather’s durability and graceful aging has translated to a broad spectrum of products. Items once constructed solely with plastics, rubbers and metals—mouse pads, jump ropes and sunglasses—are now cut, wrapped and bound in leather. And though the price point is higher,  leather has the power to turn disposable items into heirlooms.

1. SUPER leather sunglasses, black cow hide, $324

2. Natalia Brilli Voodoo necklace, white lambskin, $430

3. Natalia Brilli Bird Skull necklace, white lambskin, $265

4. Leather mouse pad, black ox hide, $120

5. Everlast leather weighted jump rope, genuine leather, $15

6. Natalia Brilli Little Nolex, black lambskin, $278

Styling by Martha Mullholland


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