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Beck’s Sapphire’s Dazzling Pop-Up Shop

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

We've got pop-up shops on the brain. The February issue of Design Bureau, on newsstands now, highlights some of our favorite temporary shops around the world, and there's another to add to the list: Beck's Sapphire recently opened a "jewelry store" themed pop-up shop on Michigan Avenue featuring an art installation by German designer/engineer Moritz Waldemeyer (those were his LED-embedded carnival costumes you were digging during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics).

The space has a clean, modern aesthetic (like the beer's new sleek black bottle) interspersed with the exclusive artwork designed by Waldemeyer, whose work represents a "fusion of technology, art, fashion and design." "It took our brewmasters and engineers more than two years to develop Beck's Sapphire and our exclusive black bottle," said Chris Curtis , brand manager for Beck's. "So we feel a special sense of satisfaction introducing consumers to the latest in high-end beer. We invite new and old friends to stop by and see the latest innovation from the world's best-selling German beer brand."

The Chicago pop-up shop (at 840 N. Michigan Ave.) will be live until Feb. 15. A shop at 9495 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills closes Feb 10, and one at 1100 Lincoln Rd. in Miami closes Feb. 9. 


Images © Moritz Waldemeyer

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