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Beertone: The Color Chart for Beer Lovers

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

By Justin Ray

Beertone, a color chart for beers that cheekily mimics the Pantone color chart, combines design and alcohol, a duo that is hard not to appreciate. Designers Daniel Eugster and Alexander Michelbach (or as they call themselves the Swiss Guy and the Brazilian Guy), who are currently taking pre-orders for the concept in packages ranging from $39-$59, are betting enthusiasts will get drunk off of this interesting idea that will enrich your beverage consumption.

The guide provides 200 different kinds of beer represented with a color swatch matched to each kind. Not only does it provide users with correct hues but it also includes information that would please any beer lover. Such factoids include: brewery info, alcohol content, a flavor description, and detailed color information like RGB, CMYK, and HTML. That's probably more than most people need to enjoy a brew but hey, if you can why not?

Currently Beertone showcases only Swiss beers but apparently they are hoping to expand their idea to include alcohols from other countries. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that they come out with an American version to quench our thirst.

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