Behind the Scenes at Room & Board

Behind the Scenes at Room & Board

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Room & Board's catalogs are known for their enviable interior shots, where each room has been dressed to design perfection with stylish furniture and accessories. But who is lucky enough to live in these perfectly put together rooms? Well, no one actually. R & B's creative photo director Nancy Stancati is the design eye behind these staged shots, which take place in Room & Board's in-house photo studio. Here, she talks about what it takes to make each catalog look just right.    

DB: How long does it take to plan and execute a Room & Board studio shoot?

Nancy Stancati: A standard Room & Board photo shoot typically lasts two to three weeks, with nearly the same amount of preparation. Three people work on one set: a photographer, stylist, and photo assistant, supplemented with our own staff. Our biggest shoot is 11 weeks long—it’s dedicated to our new collection, which is introduced annually in January.

DB: Is there a list of “must-have” elements that ensure that a set will always look picture perfect?

NS: Absolutely! I have an assortment of corner columns that look like drywall or brick. They really help add depth and interest to a room. I also have a few radiators in various sizes, fireplaces, and kitchen cabinets that help bring a room set to life. That goes for furniture, too. I keep a healthy stash of our best-sellers on hand at all times. You never know when a room setting will need a little extra push in the right direction.

DB: To date, which shoot have you enjoyed working on the most? Why?

NS: I have always enjoyed shooting the Room & Board annual catalog and new collection. It's the most exciting time of the year because we get to photograph our newest furniture and accessories! All of the new product is arriving and being unwrapped. It reminds me of Christmas morning.


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