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Bertone’s Daring Designs

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Carriage wheelmaker Giovanni Bertone founded his namesake automobile prototype design firm in 1912. Although he lacked any formal design education, Bertone established the company because he saw a need for revolutionary car design that pushed beyond the standardization endemic to the Ford assembly line. To this day, the company specializes in prototyping vehicles for high-performance car manufacturers. Its designers are behind the sleek lines and intrepid technology found in Lamborghini’s radical Miura, the revolutionary Alfa Romeo Carabo and creative director Michael Robinson’s personal inspiration, the Lancia Stratos 0.

If you break the rules once, you can all your life. It’s the only way to success, and that’s the way we do it.
–Michael Robinson

“Bertone has always hired young talent who have developed into auto design giants,” says Robinson. “They continuously inject the company with innovation.” Without fostering imagination, some of Bertone’s most bold design moves would have never been envisioned, including the Miura’s rear-mounted engine and the Carabo’s forward-hinged wing doors.


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