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Fairytoile: Characters from your favorite fairy tales come out of the dark on this flocked wallpaper.

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Mirror Mirror: Geometric glass-like facets sparkle to give a tone of reflecting sunshine.

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Stardust: Twinkling stars dot the background resembling a stunning and infinite galaxy.

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Mermaids: A playful shoal of beautiful mermaids sways to form a vibrant treatment.

Bewitching Wallpaper

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Graham & Brown's new spellbinding designs.

Capitalizing on the popularity of wolves, vampires, and fairy tales that have captivated people everywhere, British wallcoverings company Graham & Brown now has a line of enchanted wallpapers. Entitled "Spellbound", the collection features paper designs with glistening cobwebs, swimming mermaids, tree branches that form a nearly hidden face, and a spooky forest filled with mythical characters. The haunting papers will transform any room into your own storybook-style dwelling - sans poisonous apple.

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