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ZARB Special-Edition Fire Extinguisher

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ZARB Special-Edition Cedric Laquieze

ZARB Special-Edition Cedric Laquieze

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Bizarre Zarb

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

ClientZARB Champagne, owned by creative firm THEY
Firm: THEY-Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Unsurprisingly, THEY did all its own branding work
Method: A themed collection of bottles conceptualized by a diverse array of designers and creative people

“Trying to build a new brand in the traditional world of Champagne seemed fun,” says Sander Bakker, partner and creative director of Amsterdam-based PR company THEY.  THEY recently ventured into uncharted territory by stepping away from building other company’s brands to create its own: a new Champagne called ZARB. It’s certainly not a traditional move for most PR  firms, but as Bakker breezily points out, it’s “typically ZARB,” referencing the brand’s moniker, which is derived from the French slang term meaning bizarre.

Trying to build a new brand in the traditional world of Champagne seemed fun…typically ZARB, you might say.

Emphasizing the bubbly’s wacky side is each bottle’s individual design. The creative team at THEY called on its creative network to create an identity for three collections of bottles. “We wanted a gallery of ZARB-ART, but we didn’t have any specific goals,” says Bakker. Deep Black, the latest in the ZARB collection, features underwater images shot at 1,640 feet below sea level. The inspiration was none other than aquatic adventurerer Jacques Cousteau, as Bakker thinks he probably would have liked this ZARB line, “being French and a deep-sea lover.” Past ZARB collections include Skin, with bottles bearing sugarcoated lips and other body parts; and Art, with bottles decked in strange flair such as bones, feathers and ribbons. Bottle designers include underwater photographers David Shale and Zena Halloway, costume designer Vin Burnham and 3-D graphic designer Frank Tjepkama. “George Bush is still on the wish list,” Bakker adds cheekily.

The creative director hopes that, if anything, ZARB Champagne will have a lasting effect on its imbibers. “We hope their mind goes ZARB for as long as the bottle lasts,” he says.


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