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Chicago’s Block 37 is Searching for the Next Great Pop-Up

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Extending the reach of an entire downtown Chicago neighborhood block, the address of 108 N. State Street has long assumed the designation of Block 37, a central hub for modern offerings in all things fashion, food, and entertainment. The demonstrable creative merits of the boutiques & eateries, aided by an ideally central location situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, has preserved heavy foot-traffic and continuous praise for the five-story monument. Now, this holiday season, the modish monument is prepared to house the next fledgling creator's brand.

Through acreages of creative talent, Block 37's first-ever "Search for the Next Great Pop-Up" competition will scout and identify the product and/or service that Chicago's in-the-know denizens have been pining for. Determined by a panel of judges, with the assistance of a fan vote, the winner is slated to be announced on October 20th. The winner's endowments will include a FREE retail space in the Block 37 shopping center during the prime season for commercial businesses, its brand name hurled through the echo chamber of Block 37's social media tideways, press & marketing support, and $2,500 towards design & layout of the boutique.

A City of Chicago Retail Business License is required to apply. For further details concerning "Search for the Next Great Pop-Up" challenge, please visit the Block 37 website, and do so quickly, as entries will only be accepted through this Wednesday, October 1. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 20.

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