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Boolean Taxidermy

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

This arresting set of surrealist images comes from 3D computer graphics studio Zeitguised. The series is called "Boolean Taxidermy." In addition to resembling a still from a hyper-futuristic Magic School Bus episode, the renderings are crafted entirely from 3D resources on the web — meaning, no actual modeling was used. Wild stuff. A note on the design process, from the Zeitguised website: "Kontaktschmelze (contact fusion) is the first work using our concept of the ‘boolean camera’. To make use of 3d cg space in a uniquely digital way, space is not cut by a projection of a plane onto a 2d screen anymore: instead, we ‘look’ through the cutting shape of a 3d object to realise the shape of another." And just in case you're still wondering what exactly that means, here's a link to an equally puzzling video. via ISO50

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