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Estrella Levante by Espluga + Associates

Bottling a Rising Star

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Wanting to redesign its beer as a hip libation for nightclubgoers, beer brewer Estrella Levante turned to Spanish design studio Espluga + Associates to revamp its image. The result: a mono-block bottle trio that depicts energetic young Spaniards jamming out to rock performances. Not only does the eye-catching yellow-and-green image capture Estrella Levante’s personality, it reflects the vibe of Espluga + Associates too. The firm’s design fits into a larger publicity campaign handled by branding firm Seisgrados.

In order to transform Estrella Levante into a rock ‘n’ roll beer that club kids enjoy drinking, Seisgrados devised a narrative known as “The Other Karaoke.” The campaign spins a story about fun-loving karaoke singers who aren’t known for their performances, but rather for their drink of choice: Estrella Levante beer. To make this story a reality, Seisgrados hired outgoing amateur singers to make the rounds at local karaoke bars in Murcia, Spain (Estrella Levante’s hometown), promoting the beer the entire way. Espluga + Associates was brought on board to ensure that the beer’s new image would match the personality of its energetic promoters. “We like to work in between disciplines,” says founder David Espluga. “Most of the times, the best solutions for a project come from the gaps left between disciplines.”


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