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Bureau Expert: Antoine Roset, Ligne Roset

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Antoine Roset has a lot on his plate these days. As a young, high-powered executive at the helm of his family’s 150-year-old company, he’s constantly traveling the world, keeping the design community abreast of Ligne Roset’s rich history and contemporary designs. The jet-setter explained how his family’s business has been able to maintain its level of excellence and which piece of Ligne Roset furniture most embodies his personality.

You’re currently celebrating 150 years as a company. What is the secret to maintaining a thriving family business since 1860?
Being 100-percent family-owned and -operated is the secret.

How do Ligne Roset furnishings capture the essence of French design?
At the core of Ligne Roset is a fundamental French sensibility for design. However, we’re privileged enough to be able to work with the best of international designers that the world has to offer.

You’ve had many classic pieces over the years, but one that stands out is the Togo classic sofa, with more than 1.2 million sold. It originally debuted in the 1970s and is as popular as ever. Why do you think this design is still relevant today?
Because it’s comfortable and has a very unique design. This shape is timeless.

How has Ligne Roset’s style changed over the past 150 years?
We have found that throughout the years people have become more aware of design and comfort. Technology has evolved to meet the standards of our clients, and also allows us to push the creative envelope.

Ligne Roset’s pieces all seem to be somewhat architectural and bold in shape. Does architecture play a role in your designs?
Many of our designers have been trained as architects so, yes, architecture is inherent in many of our pieces.

Throughout the years, Ligne Roset has worked with many heralded designers. Was there one that stood out among them all?
We’ve been fortunate to work with many of the industry’s greatest designers, so it’s next to impossible to identify just one.

Where do you see the world of furniture design heading?
An appreciation for high-end, contemporary furniture is becoming more mainstream. Clients are sophisticated and have become more knowledgeable about the design process.


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