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Lisa Ulf says:

Just got back from a week long visit in Boulder, Colorado, the city of beautiful people and many bike paths. Unfortunately, the wonderful climate and spectacular beauty of the Rocky Mountains has led to an overabundance of auto traffic.

Not to be overlooked, a local firm, Crispin Porter, partnered with B-cycle to installed a bike sharing program at several locations throughout the city.

I imagine the cycle hoop car-bike rack could be equally successful. Interest is there, will just need to find a new partner!

Love the design concept and not too subtle message!

Tony says:


We would love to get some of our Car Bike Ports to Boulder, we are looking for US partners so drop me an email and we can chat.


1 Car or 10 Bikes?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Raise your hand if you've ever looked at a Smart Car on the street and said, "Man, if I had that, I could park it anytime, anywhere." Us too. Those things are crazy small, right? Now, keep your hand up if you've ever looked at a Smart Car and said, "Geez, that thing is taking up a lot of space; I could fit like five bikes in there." Assuming your hand is still raised, you probably work for Cyclehoop, an award-winning design/architecture firm from the UK. Cyclehoop made a name for itself in 2008 with a street-sign retrofit that allowed for simple, effective bicycle parking. Designed by architect Anthony Lau, the product was launched in London and has since been adopted all over the UK.

Its newest product is another clever bicycle parking solution called the Car Bike Rack. Based on the photos and the name, you get the picture: in the space that one car takes up on the street, approximately 10 bikes can be parked. By shaping the bike corral like a car, passersby are confronted with the economical inequality. It cleverly balances wit and substance — sparking the sort of social dialogue that design in public spaces is so rarely bold enough to attempt.  

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