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Changing Tastes

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

By Kathryn Freeman Rathbone
Photos courtesy of Teeple Architects 

Toronto’s 60 Richmond East building really stands out. Aside from its extremely contemporary aesthetic, the 11-story mid-rise also boasts a ground floor restaurant space and a visible, sixth-floor outdoor garden, making it look nothing like its brown brick neighbors. And the most surprising fact about this architecture newcomer? It’s actually public housing.

60 Richmond East is part of Toronto’s Regent Park, the city’s oldest and largest public housing project. The neighborhood itself has a pretty typical history. “Regent Park was a neighborhood of four-story, brown brick dogbone buildings. There was no defined public space and poor urban design,” says architect Stephen Teeple, whose firm Teeple Architects headed its design. “Essentially, it was a ghetto in the middle of the city.” 

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