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Chicago Architects Make a Zine

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Its name, if not a little gross, is certainly evocative. Soiled: Skinscrapers, the second zine from Chicago architecture firm Cartogram, is the followup to Groundscrapers, an examination of overlooked "systems, populations, and infrastructures that occupy massive amounts of space in our existing cities." Much like our own publication, Cartogram seeks to "reach horizontally across disciplines to cultivate meaningful moments." Notably, something called the Department of Unusual Certainties contributed to Groundscrapers, most likely during its summer break from Hogwarts. 

Skinscrapers is a wildly entertaining read, filled with off-the-wall ideas like using greyhound dogs as breathing devices for renal and respiratory patients. Oh, and a sheep as a dialysis machine. Weird, but definitely innovative — which is what can be said about many of the other ideas throughout the zine. Artist Sarah Ross constructed custom velour suits to make LA's varied public furniture a little more comfortable, and a lot more goofy. And Ania Jaworksi's collection of cartoonish anthropomorphized structures are elegantly simple, with a wry sense of humor.

Both issues of Soiled are available in print and a downloadable PDF. Definitely check them out; it's not every day that architects roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with a little eccentric DIY publishing. 

Purchase / Download (18MB)


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