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Choice Market

Friday, August 17th, 2012

By Justin Ray

Who says you can't have your rough with smooth when it comes to restaurant interiors?

Located in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood, Choice Market's interior blends industrial brawn with fine dining elegance. Understated hues of tan Chinese stone, Cor-ten steel and polished concrete give this restaurant and bakery an inviting feel without sacrificing an ounce of chic. 

The highlight of the building has to be the flamboyant fixtures on the ceiling. Designer Evan Douglis Studio plays with ornamentation—the studio's trademark—utilizing computer designed swirls produced by a 3-D printer. The decorations bring to mind a rococo aesthetic with elaborate curves and a muted spectrum of color. The ceiling is composed of hexagonal tiles of varying sizes made out of a lightweight polymer. Evan Douglis Studio conceived the project as a beautiful theatrical cloud. However, functionality is not lost in creativity; the membrane allows for the mounting of sprinklers, speakers and lighting. Extending from the fixtures are 45 handblown glass chandeliers that the designer has nicknamed "Moon Jelly" giving the restaurant an exquisite finishing touch.

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