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Citrus Spray

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

By Justin Ray

It's a simple device that everyone should have in their kitchen. Jam it on a lemon, a lime, even and orange, and boom, you've got sprayable flavor at your fingertips.

Citrus Spray is an attachment that easily makes your favorite citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes a spray for meals. You can use the attachment, designed by Joan Rojeski and Alberto Arza for Spanish company Lékué, to add extra flavor to salads and seafood or even to sodas and cocktails. All you have to do is cut a wedge from the top of your desired fruit and turn the pointed end into the body. When the silicone ring is inserted, you slightly squeeze the fruit to ensure the juices are extracted. Locked and loaded? Time to spray.

The attachment also prevents the loss of vitamins that occurs with oxidation of juices. Unlike bottled juices, citrus spray provides juice that hasn't spent much time in the air. It also comes in two sizes to ensure you have the right device to match your fruit.

Some other ideas for using the citrus spray? Window cleaner, deodorant, a replacement for mace.

Watch the Citrus Spray video.

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