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Clif Bar’s PUBLIC Bikes

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

By Jen Hazen

Imagine a typical workday at a typical office: Coffee, email, Hot Pockets, a meeting, a meeting about the meeting. Now imagine a shiny new commuter bike with your name inscribed on it adorned with company slogans—magically appearing by your desk! Yes, craft bicycle daydreams do come true at nutrition company Clif Bar, where 300+ employees recently received custom bikes to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. 

The company enlisted San-Francisco-based bicycle maker PUBLIC to create lovely Euro-inspired upright rides for all—a transformed PUBLIC V3 painted Clif Bar red with matching rims and rear racks, as well as a Clif Bar logo head badge and inscriptions of each employee’s name and date of hire aka “Project Kickstand.”

Founded by Rob Forbes in 2010, PUBLIC has collaborated with various big name companies like Gap, Mozilla, and Square on providing employee's with slick, branded rides.

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