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Teatro Verde Cocina Teatro Verde Cocina

Commercial (Kitchen) Art

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Photos by Philip Castleton,

By Risa Seidman

Designed by Montreal firm GH+A, Teatro Verde Cucina—the latest kitchenware incarnation of Toronto-area home-lifestyle shop Teatro Verde—finds harmony at the intersection of market analysis and design. “Extensive research was done into today’s younger consumer and their lifestyle habits,” says Debbie Kalisky, GH+A’s director of retail development. “The resulting aesthetic reflects a trend for chic tempered with whimsy.”

Upon entering Teatro Verde Cucina, shoppers are greeted with a multitude of kitchen goods—stoneware, linens, and more—arranged in eye-catching patterns along the store’s shelf-lined walls and down its center. “The intent was to create a treasure-hunt concept where the multitude of micro-narratives encourages shoppers to take their time to discover the broad range of products within their distinctive merchandise stories,” Kalisky says. “The store is treated like an anthology about the art of food, from its preparation to its cooking and serving.”

“The materials selected evoke an airy, worn, and comfortable Italian pantry with contemporary accents,” Kalisky continues. “Distressed bleached-wood floor planks are throughout the sales area and extend into the kitchen.” Furthermore, a full kitchen is located in the rear of Teatro Verde Cucina—sitting beneath two magnificent chandeliers, each crafted from inverted silver spoons—and customers can attend cooking classes at the store as well. The kitchen’s stainless-steel hood and state-of-the-art appliances, paired with the soothing colors and mason-jar lights of the store, make for a tranquil space for shoppers to learn about the art of food preparation.

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