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Concrete Wall in the Diesel store

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Concrete Wallpaper

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Photos by Tom Haga

Much of the aesthetic appeal of living in an industrial loft is in the contrasts between rough and smooth, new and old, nicely finished furnishings against tough-looking surfaces.

Fortunately, capturing that vibe in more genteel surroundings isn’t as hard now, thanks to Norwegian photographer Tom Haga’s ConcreteWall wallpaper. The heavy duty vinyl wallpaper is available in 36 different high-resolution concrete images shot by Haga—there are also a few attic- and wood-inspired papers for a more rustic look. The patterns don’t repeat, keeping the illusion alive, and each one can be colored, lightened, or darkened upon request.

Haga’s designs have already found a home amongst the fashion set: the designs have been used in Diesel stores and featured in H&M ad campaigns. Talk about concrete approval.