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Alessi 5050 Shaker

Contest: Alessi Cocktail Shaker

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Apparently, a mixed drink is not merely someone standing on a bar pouring two types of liquor into your mouth at once. According to some people, that's tacky. We've teamed with iconic Italian kitchenware designer Alessi to give away one 5050 American/Boston shaker so you don't have to strap on a bib when someone mentions the word "cocktail."

This isn't just any shaker; this is considered the most professional type of shaker. It has two parts which fit perfectly into each other: the steel part is made especially flexible by a special cold-working operation. It's a product of extensive research by Alberto Gozzi on professional bar and wine utensils. It retails for $108, and it's worth every penny. Especially when you can win it for free. 

To enter to win, send an email to with the subject line "ALESSI CONTEST."

Update: Contest has ended. Winner will be contacted shortly.

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