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Contest | Alessi in Love

Monday, August 5th, 2013

We love Italian style, so we're excited to see the venerable Italian product brand Alessi launch an online design contest for budding product designers to submit plans for a cool gift to be given as an act of love. Submissions to Alessi in Love are being accepted now on the platform, and winners will be selected by a qualified jury headed by Alberto Alessi. They'll receive access to an exclusive workshop conducted by Laura Polinoro, founder of Laura Polinoro Design Studio, a collaborator of Alessi's and Desall's for many years.

From Alessi:

The historical Italian Design Factory Alessi invites all creative talents to rethink the product as an act of love. The aim is to interpret the love token in a contemporary way, designing a new object that celebrates this universal feeling. The focus is on the creation of emotional objects, overcoming the industrial and anonymous production logic. For this reason, a good tip to start with is considering all the unforgettable events linked to the universal feeling of love: not only those towards the partner but also the fondness for a friend or the respect for a colleague. Now it’s your turn to translate feelings into reality, coming up with small objects designed to be given. Last but not least pay attention that love is an universal feeling, but how people express it is personal and may change over time. A letter or a jewel are only examples of ways to express this unique and deep feeling.

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