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Photos by Jody D’Arcy  

Crazy for Color in Perth

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

By Kristen Eichenmuller

WHAT: Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach, a surfer and family- friendly beachside hot spot owned by brothers Joe and John Fisher

WHERE: Perth, Australia

DESIGNER: Local architect and designer Paul Burnham 

ELEMENTS: Crazy colors, anything beachy, and a whole lot of whimsy

Colorful Solutions: Painting the concrete floor with children’s games and cartoon drawings added color and humor to the space. “It was obvious from the very beginning that color and playfulness was the way to go, and we embraced it as fully as we could,” Burnham says.

Bright Idea: Burnham put a spunky twist on the chandelier by draping bundles of colorful European fabrics to fill the volume of the vast dark charcoalcolored ceiling. He says the vibrant lighting lid visually draws the eye toward the spectacular horizontal view of the Indian Ocean. 

Tight Turnaround: “Because  we wanted to turn things around in seven weeks, materials were restricted to what was readily available,” Burnham says. This included harlequin chairs made from recycled timbers and old street signs.

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