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“So Good,” a song Fol Chen made with the Tetrafol

Fol Chen – So Good by WeGetPress

Creating Music with a Pyramid

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Fol Chen is one of those bands in which the members don creepy masks on stage in order to obscure their identities. Now, the Los Angeles-based electro-chamber-pop band has created a curious new instrument called the Tetrafol to complement its aura of mystery.

Collaborating with interface design firm Monome, which has also worked with Deadmau5 and Machine Project, the band developed the battery-powered wooden tetrahedron, a motion- and orientation-sensitive musical pyramid that manipulates and mimics the playback of the band’s synth sound. The device comes preloaded with a set of sounds, but users also have the ability to upload their own bells and whistles. 

If you want to buy one of these gadgets, hurry up, because Machine Project is selling a limited run! Aaaaand it's sold out. If you're the industrious type, you could download the source code here and build it yourself.

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