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Photos 1-3 by Paul Crosby

Photo 4 by Carl Martin


DB Studio Tour: Knock and Treat

Friday, January 6th, 2012

by Alyssa Meza

One unlucky Friday the 13th, Lili Hall got a phone call with bad news: there had been a fire in the warehouse space that housed her advertising agency, Knock, Inc. No one was hurt, but everything was destroyed. Such a setback is never good for a young, thriving company with 50 employees, but Hall had the firm back up and running in a temporary space by the following Monday.

Now, Minneapolis-based Knock and its sister printing firm, Treat, are both thriving in a new joint office space, located in the developing neighborhood of Harrison. Designed by architect Julie Snow, the building was specially outfitted to meet the needs of the close-knit Knock team. Open workspaces allow for a collaborative environment, where nobody has their own private office—not even Hall (she shares with her Knock partner, Todd Paulson). A large kitchen counter serves as a lunchroom, meeting spot, and party area, and other amenities include a patio, gym, and a library. “We were really trying to think about the well-being of our staff and what they might need,” Hall says.

Snow’s design involves many wood accents, which represent the brand, and Hall’s superstitious belief in knocking on wood to avoid bad luck (thus the name of the firm). Hopefully this thoughtful design detail will thwart any future Friday the 13th catastrophes.

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