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Design Dilemma? Ask the Expert!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

We have all been there. You've just signed a lease on a new apartment, and you're faced with the (exciting? tortuous?) task of furnishing and decorating. Unless you have deep pockets and do this sort of thing for a living, chances are you'll need some guidance. After all, there are backsplashes, duvet covers, and feng shuis to take into consideration. And even if you don't think you need advice, sometimes the opinion of an expert can completely change your outlook and open up new possibilities.

Whether it's your apartment, your career, your lost cat poster, or anything else related to design, we're standing by, ready to match you up with an eager, all-knowing expert in our next print issue.

So submit your questions, queries, and quandaries to for a chance to be published in our Nov/Dec issue.