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Design By Fire

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Images courtesy of Planika

By Jessica Barrett Sattell 

Planika continues to prove that even when there's no smoke, there's still fire. After the Polish-based brand saw international success in its automatic ethanol fireplace, the team return to its in-house laboratory and worked toward developing additional opportunities to improve its already-revolutionary project. The result is the Fire Line Automatic 3–the third generation of the namesake model that bridges modern design, environmental awareness, and advanced engineering.

If the hearth makes a home, the Fire Line Automatic 3's "intelligent fire" makes a smart home. A WiFi device enables the fireplace to be controlled by both smartphones and a discreet multi-color LCD display. Connecting with the product remotely is a breeze, allowing for full control over a spectrum of flame height as well as updates on burning time and fuel levels. Safety sensors keep levels in check, and the device automatically shuts down in the event of overheating or overflow.

The minimalist, mesmerizing rows of flames aren’t just pretty, either; the fireplace runs on Fanola, an exclusively engineered biofuel that ensures a clean-burning, environmentally sound fire that emits only heat, water vapor, and trace amounts of CO2. BEV Technology, a patented fuel-delivery system that only burns heated fuel vapors, results in glowing warmth with no smoke, smell, or soot. Because there is no ash, there is no need to install networks of pipes or a chimney, and the unit works at full efficiency even with minimal ventilation.

In addition to its smart technology, the Fire Line Automatic 3 takes its user-friendly customization to the next level. Multiple units can join up to create tailored displays that fit individual needs and spaces with the option of embedding them within furniture. And, thanks to a clean palette of stainless steel, it can be endlessly re-imagined in a high-gloss finish in nearly any tone. Fireside chats have never looked so polished.

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