DIEM Design Intersects Everything Made

DIEM | Design Intersects Everything Made

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Los Angelenos (and design lovers with some frequent flier miles burning a hole in their pocket), take note: This Friday, October 5, from 10am-5pm, The Avenues: Art, Fashion and Design District in West Hollywood hosts the free one-day symposium DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made. According to the organizers, "captains and enthusiasts of the design industries are invited to engage with one another and mix, through a series of events that will combine the intelligence and beauty of good design. Culturally resonating discussions, interactive forums, trade presentations, and keynotes from leaders in the fields of design, fashion, architecture, and fine arts will redefine the rapidly changing design and luxury goods industries." Topics range from a revisiting of Eero Saarinen's reputation for innovation to a discussion on the relationship between consumerism, merchandising, and technology. The inevitable end-of-day cocktail party will be at Minotti's showroom. View the full day's schedule and register for events at diemevent.com.

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