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A Digital Dance

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

By Brandy Kraft
Images courtesy of PostExhibition

In a response to the “increasingly seamless mingling of our digital and physical lives,” online arts publication PostMatter collaborated with visual and sound artists to bring designs to life with the help of coders at the website’s PostExhibition. The immersive event ran in Milan from March 13–16, with plans in motion to take the exhibition to additional cities globally.

Founder and creative director Remi Paringaux employs bespoke applications and the use of devices such as Kinect and Leap Motion to explore all-sensory terrain. And in addition to audio/visual efforts, the floor is rigged with motion sensors, which allow the audience to create a digital dance on screen. With the way that human senses adapt to the world of technology in mind, a scent engineer even was brought on board to create a custom aroma for the space.

Fashion designers Gareth Pugh and Iris van Herpen contributed designs for the exhibit, and installations use a physical display as well as a tactile interface to give visitors the sensation of touching the clothing via images on screen. And though more dates won’t be confirmed until later in 2014, this interactive marvel eventually will hit the UK—and, if we’re lucky, the USA.

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