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Photo by Mathias Bauman; Product Shots for Images 1-4 by Jan van Endert

Photo by Mathias Bauman

Photo by Wolfgang Pohn

Photo by Wolfgang Pohn

The Ultimate Light Show

Monday, January 30th, 2012

by Aryn Beitz

Jirko Bannas and Oliver Seltmann know high-tech light installations. The two German creatives produce impressive, ultra-slim LED lightwalls and rooftop scenes. POLABOY, their latest venture, combines their LED light frame technology with Polaroid's timeless, ever-so-cool vibe.

Bannas and Seltmann founded POLABOY on the notion that all photographs, particularly the Polaroid, reflect a desire to record moments in time. “Tradition is the foundation on which the POLABOY is based,” says Seltmann. “With [it], we capture personal moments which have irrevocably passed, thus immortalising the ethereal in timeless design.”

The POLABOY collection includes collaborations with well-known international photographers, but if you would rather display a personal memory, custom POLABOY’s can be made to order, too. They're perfect for those who want to light up their homes with the glow of a moment caught in time.