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Adam Carolla

photo by Aaron Farley


Uh-oh! I forgot the 5th floor!
(I’ll just make the living area floor be two floors, so I can have “loft” styled spaces with tall walls…)

Hmm. If money were no object, I would build myself the ultimate (to me anyway) home and work facility and pay off 50yrs worth of property taxes, to insure that I’d never be evicted or forced to relocate from a place I live ever again.

The home/work facility would have 5 stories to it. Or, to be more accurate, 4 floors and one really huge underground floor/basement.

Floor 01 – (basement) would house a stop-motion animation area complete with a fabrication shop and multiple stage areas. It would be accessible from the rear of the home via a large driveway that would lead to large loading dock styled roll-up doors. This would also help to make it easier to move set pieces from the facility to their storage warehouse (located on the back of the 50acre lot), and also facilitate a repurposing of the same area for major art/designer toy fabrication projects.

Floor 02- (ground-level floor) This would be the living and area of the home/facility, with everythung needed to provide no less than 3 bedrooms, den, living room, kitchen, dining room, recreation room (full multi-media layout), and a pantry w/a walk-in ‘fridge & freezer combo.

Floor 03 – This would be the art studio for panting & sculpture, and double as a gallery for art shows and special fundraising events.

Floor 04 – This would be my music production and film editing areas. Located on the very top of the home, it would be soundproofed and fully outfitted to allow professional level audio/visual work to be executed, for both client based films &/or song productions & personal projects. It would be accessible from within the home and from outside via both stairs and elevator.

The home would have ample “off-the-street” parking, and also a two car garage detached from the main structure.

There would be two – 2 bedroom guest houses on-site for recording artists, voice-over talent, in-laws, family, etc.

As a whole, it would be completely “off-the-grid” and utilize geothermal as its energy generating resource.

Design-wise, I would design a home/facility that would echo what one might see on Star Trek’s Enterprise ala “Nemesis” (pseudo industrial + futuristic), without any weapons, blinking lights, or actual aliens…

– Mac

Hallie says:

A jungle themed bathroom. Enormous plants in a giant open shower, tree-painted walls, and rock tiles. I’d also need ambient bird noises playing through speakers at all times.

lindsey says:

an addition to my house! a big kitchen, floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor oasis, a soundproof studio, and closets big enough to actually put stuff in. or maybe just a little modern pre-fab in the texas hill country. a girl can dream…

Kristin says:

Without a doubt, the first thing I would build would be a huge shower. I’m talking multiple shower heads so that water is blasting from every direction!

Dream Design

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

As Adam Carolla says,

Design is free...The part where you think of it, where you lay it out—that whole part doesn’t cost a penny.

If money were no object, what is the first thing you would design and build?

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