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Duo Office Designs | Get the Look

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Photos by Marie Krause

Interior designer Barbara Saskia keeps not one, but two, offices on the top floor of her Harlem townhouse. “The smaller one, which I call ‘Little Opera House,’ is for left brain activities like administration,” she says. “I don’t always enjoy the work I’m doing there, so it evokes an evening at the opera rather than a boring day in an office.” Adjacent to the opulent red space is her expansive white studio, where she does the majority of her creative work. “It has a very different feel, somewhat surreal and dream-like,” the designer says. “I find myself working very differently there—it is more of an unconscious creative process that unfolds and runs through me.” 

Color Theory
While Barbara may use all white for her own space, she’s certainly made a name for herself using bold color, as well. “Her brilliant use of color and sense of adventure in design make for an exciting project,” says Scott Gillow of Gilloco Construction. At the Cabinsi project, Gillow worked right alongside the designer to finish the home’s interiors, infusing the space with a vibrant energy that not only looks good but also feels good, too, even in photos.  

And although both of Barbara’s spaces show off a luxe look, the designer assembled the styles without using any expensive pieces. See where she sourced her bargain finds so you can create your own simple and stylish look.

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