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Eastern Infusion

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Text by Emma Janzen

Photo by Eric Lau

Featured Company: Ted Design

Location: Cambridge, Ontario

Project Type: Restaurant

Project Name: Brilliant Kitchen & Teppanyaki & Sake Bar

Tasked with morphing an existing 13,000-square-foot buffet into a more refined open-concept Japanese-cuisine restaurant, Ted Design demolished and rebuilt much of the floor plan but kept many of the original interior finishes of the space, adding new details for a fresh identity.

The original buffet concept had a small kitchen and series of segregated dining rooms, all of which were torn down to create the more welcoming open concept. A new raised-platform dining section was added to create a space with slightly more privacy, and fiberglass torches were installed to create natural separation between the dining and bar section.

The porcelain-tiling floor and drywall ceiling stayed intact, and the original central fishpond was expanded 30 percent in the new plans. In order to make the pond fit within the new aesthetic, new landscaping, stones, and artificial plants were added. The resultant area features a substantial multi-level water feature, faux cranes, and a linear chandelier made from 800 flying-bird figurines finished in red and silver chrome. “It really matches the overall Oriental touch,” Yip says.

The restaurant also plays home to two bars—a traditional bar near the entrance (to generate more beverage sales) and another specializing in sake towards the other end of the space. To tie the bar and restaurant spaces together visually, Yip included a curvy bulkhead that spans 160 feet from the beginning of the bar to the end of the dining area. The drywall bulkhead is “imprinted with golden-color Oriental artworks,” Yip says—a further addition of Eastern flair to the space.

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