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Edible Surfaces

Friday, October 12th, 2012

By Justin Ray

What happens when chocolate meets design? The answer is a delicious exploration of patterns and designs sure to make kid and the adult in you happy.

Pinaki Studios is a London based creative textile studio that experiments with materials, inventing new patterns based on geometry. One day the studio decided to experiment with a rust-dyed pleated silk crepe fabric. They ended up with a product with a grainy, brown texture that looked a lot like chocolate. The design studio decided to collaborate with chocolate artisans Chocolatl to make "Edible Surfaces." When the two companies worked together they found that there were intersections between their disciplines, such as temperature, molding and chemistry.

The result of the collab? Chocolate shaped by textile patterns.

"Different types of materials were investigated to be able to use progressively more complex forms of pleating and creasing," Arantza Vilas of Pinaki Studios says. "After an initial stage understanding the different material behaviour some of the chocolate outcomes began to inform the fabrics too: shiny and matt surfaces, subtle metallic finishing, embossing effects on leather."

The chocolate pieces will be displayed with the textile patterns from which they were created during Dutch Design Week from October 20 to 28, 2012.


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