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Electric Dreams

Friday, April 20th, 2012

By John Dugan

Back to the Future was only partly responsible for members of my generation growing up hoping to one day drive a DMC-12, the iconic gullwinged automobile made by DeLorean in Northern Ireland back in the early '80s. That dream of stainless steel style may some day come true, but the car won't run on a flux capacitor or the aluminum V6 of the original DMC-12, it will be electric. DeLorean is up and running again and it just debuted the DMCev at the New York Auto Show. Basically, the ev will be a convert from the original stainless steel auto design so you get the original look with an up-to-date, sportier engine, running off of a 32-kWh lithium iron battery—and an iPod dock. The DMCev is expected to be about $90,000 and become available in 2013. More info at delorean.com

Video: DMCev

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