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Neugestaltung Drachenfelsplateau, Königswinter

Neugestaltung Drachenfelsplateau, Königswinter

Elevated Eating

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Photos by Lukas Roth

Text by Chloe Stachowiak

When Pool 2 Architekten began renovating the Drachenfels restaurant, a luminous glass building nestled on the Drachenfels Plateau in Germany, taking the area’s past into account was just as important as the clientele’s needs in the present. Standing atop the country’s most-visited mountain, the restaurant would need to potentially satisfy the 900,000 guests estimated to climb the Drachenfels annually—but still suit the rich culture and history engraved in its rocky surroundings.

Although the restaurant itself has only been part of the Drachenfels landscape since 1976, the mountains have influenced life in the area for as long as they have stood. They’ve inspired countless movements in German thought and lore, from 19th Century Romanticism to intoxicating legends about castle ruins and dragons. The architects wanted to design a building that would seamlessly blend in with this history without detracting from the mountain views—something its original ‘70s Brutalism style couldn’t do.

The solution was to construct a sleek, all-glass building softly illuminated with Licht Kunst Licht AG lights—a design that would offer its guests a breathtaking experience by both day and night and capture the romantic splendor of the Rhine valley it overlooks. Mission accomplished.

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