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Emergency Cocktail Station

Emergency Cocktail Station

Emergency Cocktail Station

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Designer Darin Montgomery of Urbancase strives to make small spaces more livable through his wall-mounted wet bar, the Emergency Cocktail Station. “The bar is a throwback to the cocktail culture, when people would mingle over a drink,” says Montgomery. The small box, measuring a mere 32” by 16” by 7”, was designed to house only the most necessary items for cocktail hour, providing space for just a few glasses, basic bar tools and up to four liquor bottles.

The designer modeled the cocktail case after the shape of Berlin subway panels. “It is inspired by the safety and utilitarian compartment styles [of the signs].” The bar directly references these design inspirations through its rounded corners and the sunken cross on the front door panel. Says Montgomery: “The [emergency] cross came about at the last stage. It just made sense that it would take the shape of a first-aid kit.”

The compactness of the design, coupled with its sleek aesthetic and sturdy construction, makes for a product that Montgomery hopes will be used to mix fine libations for many (emergency) happy hours to come.

Emergency Cocktail Station, $850


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